Our Ambassadors

Bulldog Leisurewear Ambassadors are dedicated gym enthusiasts, whom work hard on achieving their goals, and always require “Hard wearing and Comfortable” clothing not only while working out but also travelling to and from the gym, this is where the Explosive Fibres range of muscle clothing comes into it's own!
My goal for the year is too continue with my training and get into the best shape of my life I plan to reach my ultimate physique by continuing to learn as much as possible about nutrition and the proper training techniques, become a qualified PT and then help others begin their fitness journey, then next year enter my first competition!

I love the Explosive Fibres clothing, because the designs are original and catchy, and the fact that Explosive Fibres are proud to represent the UK.

Everything that I have worn from their clothing range has proved to be comfortable to train in and just simply looks good at the same time.


One day while in the gym I saw a guy, who was wearing a shirt with the letters XXXL INC on the back, I had never heard of the brand so was fascinated and typed the letters into Google. The search told me that XXXL stands for hardcore bodybuilding, which is what I love and do. I personally feel the meaning behind the brand is “I train hard and heavy and everyone should know”.

My thought immediately was, that I can identify myself with the meaning and had missed the image in the range of Gymwear and Brands seen.

Bulldog Leisurewear and I have the same goal, to make XXXL INC more popular!

For more information on our ambassadors, or if you need bodybuilding and weight training accessories, contact Bulldog Leisurewear in Welling on

020 8303 0492
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